Ironbridge Pubs

25 June 2003 - Well someone has beat me to the punch and done a web page on all the pubs in the Ironbridge Gorge. Just so that you all can see what a drink-deprived (or should that be depraved) part of the world I live in, here's a link to the Pub page: Ironbridge Pubs.

August 2001 - I've started taking pictures of my favorite pubs here in Ironbridge and will be adding more as time goes on. Actually, I left the house last Sunday after telling Sue that I was going to photograph all the pubs and would be back home in a couple of hours. Five hours later, I stumbled back across the bridge having only made it to three pubs and the photos at the third were blurry. Will wait for another pretty day and try and visit some more. Just goes to show how time flies when you're hard at work (or in the company of good folk and beer).

Coalbrookdale Inn

Goldenball Inn

Pub Scene - These photos show a bit of the pub social scene.

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