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The main purpose of the site is to have a place to share photo's with family and friends. With Sue and I living in England and the kids and grandkids still in Maryland and Virginia, this site has become the easiest way for us to keep up with each other. We also share photo's of our Mangum family reunions, Billy's travels, and my visits to English pubs.

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7 October 2013

Trip to Seattle

Sue and I visited Billy, May and Marissa in Port Orchard for two weeks in September. We had a ball. They spent lots of their time showing us the sights. Had some good weather (and had some rain). Two weeks just flew by - wish we could've stayed longer - a year or so!!


28 June 2013

Trip to Virginia

Sue and I visited Susie and her family to see Sierra graduate from High School. Also spent time with my friend Evan and his family. Sierra, Best wishes as you leave home for university. Thank you Susie for a great time!!


27 January 2013


Wanda made a remark on Facebook about me and my pigs, so I decided to put up some photos of some of the ones found in my house.


25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

It's a local tradition to gather at the Golden Ball Inn to wish everyone good cheer and a Happy Christmas before going home for a huge lunch. Sue's doing a standing rib roast this year, I can't wait.

Christmas 2012

25 November 2012


Billy, May and Marissa spent Thanksgiving Week with us here is Shropshire. We really enjoyed their visit, but it passed so quickly. Looking forward to next spring in hopes that we can go see them in Seattle.

Thanksgiving 2012

5 November 2012

Weekend in Wales

Sue and I spent a couple of days over in LLangollen, Wales. It's only an hour (and a whole world) away from home. We stayed in a wonderful old B&B. Could not get the suite I wanted on our first night, but we moved over to it the next day. Excellent place to spend a quiet weekend! Rode the steam train alongside the river through the valley on Sunday.


15 August 2012

Susie and Family - 2012

Susie, Ben Sierra, and Edward spent two weeks with us in early July and then Sierra stayed three more weeks. We stayed pretty much close to home, with day trips to Wales. They took the train down to London for a quick tourist visit. Then Sierra, Sue and I went up to the Lake District for a week. It rained every day, but we still enjoyed ourselves. We really miss her now that she's gone home to start her last year of high school.

Susie 2012

7 May 2012

May Day Weekend

Sue and I spent the long May Day Weekend in Suffolk. We stayed at the 450 year old Bull Hotel in Long Melford. Spent Saturday shopping in Ipswich and Sunday at Kentwell Hall where they were having a Tudor May Day festival. And of course it was wet and cold, but we still had a great time. (Note that Sue is wearing gloves in a couple of pics). This morning after breakfast (I had smoked kippers) we stopped by Long Melford church for a couple of photos before setting out for home.

Long Melford

30 April 2012

Easter Holidays

Here are a few photos taken over the Easter Weekend. Sue and I went to Bakewell in the Peak District and stayed in a lovely Guest House Hotel. Spent a day visiting the beautiful old Haddon Hall.

Holmefield House

Haddon Hall

4 February 2012

Pistyll Rhaeadr, Wales

Here are a few photos taken when Sue and me went to Wales for lunch. We left Telford in rain, sleet, and snow on the promise from the Met Service that there would be blue skies and sunshine by the time we got there. And for once they were right. The sun was out and the views were fantastic!

Pistyll Rhaeadr

8 January 2012

Christmas and New Year 2011

Here are a few photos taken during the Holiday Season.Wishing everyone a wonderful 2012!!

Christmas 2011

24 November 2011

Visiting the Peak District

Here are a few photos taken during a five day trip up to the Peak District. Again we stayed in an old stone barn that was delightful and cosy. The highlight of our trip was a visit to Chatsworth House which was decorated for Christmas. Beautiful!!

Peak District

4 November 2011

Weekend on the Suffolk Coast

Here are the photos we took during our recent visit to Aldeburgh, Suffolk. We stayed in a lovely cottage right on the seafront, just behind the fisherman's shacks where they sell their catch. We were supprised to learn when we got there, that the cottage is featured in a daily kids show called "Grandpa in my Pocket" It seems every kid under six years old thinks Grandpa lives there and lots of them kept knocking on the door to see Grandpa.

Aldeburgh Weekend

3 September 2011

Our visit to the Lake District.

Sue and I spent a week in Cumbria - without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in England. The mountains, lakes and forests are stunning. We visited several of the local villages and pubs, and also four or five of the lakes and more pubs. Brian came and spent a couple of days with us and we visited even more pubs. Very enjoyable time had by all.

Lake District

3 July 2011

Blaine and Carol Webber visit England

Blaine and I were stationed together at Martlesham Heath Communications Facility in Suffolk in 1967-1969. We spent a week reliving old memories in Suffolk and then came over to Shropshire for a week. Had a blast, but ran out of time - too few hours, too many places to go and see. We are already planning for next time.

Week One

Week Two

15 April 2011

Billy and May's Wedding

Billy and Marianne were married on 7 April 2011 at St. Columba Church in Oxon Hill, Maryland. Here are a few of the photos taken on the day. I will be posting photos of the rehearsal dinner and the wedding reception real soon.

Wedding of the Century

4 March 2011

Billy and May

Several folks have asked for pictures of Billy and May, so here's a few including some taken at Fort Washington National Park where they got engaged to marry.


24 December 2010

Christmas Eve at the Ironbridge

Yes, we will have a White Christmas this year, the snow is here and isn't going anywhere before middle of next week, by which time we will all have had enough.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Snowy Ironbridge

14 November 2010

Mangum Mountain Jam 2010

Once again Mangums have been seen in Sevierville, Tennessee. Do not be afraid - we are only dangerous when not fed, and that's not likely to happen. Here are a few of us captured on film. Don't we look downright handsome??


November 2010

Visit to America

Here are the photos we took during our recent visit to the USA. We spent a couple of weeks with Susie and her family in Virginia and then went south visiting Mangums in Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina. The time went by so quickly that it seemed like we were returning home before we even got there. Looking forward to going back in April.


June 2010

Vacation in the Suffolk Countryside

Here are the photos we took in Suffolk while celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. We chose to go back to Suffolk where we first met 42 years ago. Stayed in a beautiful old barn cottage - four hundred years old, but with all the modern conveniences. Had a wonderful time.


December 2009

Vacation in the USA

Here are the photos we all took while visiting family and friends in Virgina, USA. this year.


November 2009

Mangum Family Reunion 2009

Here are the photos we all took at the annual reunion in Tennessee.


1 September 2009

Rodney and Betty

Here are the photos we took during Rodney and Betty's visit to Shropshire.


15 August 2009

Billy's Birthday

Billy, this link is for you.. Happy Birthday!!

Billy's Birthday card

7 June 2009

Holiday in June

Sue and I spent this past week at Lake Vyrnwy Hotel in Wales. The lake is surrounded by hills and is only accessible by a couple of small roads. There was no signal available on my mobile phone so I had no access to the internet. We had to take day trips so that I could check my e-mail. We just sort of chilled out, enjoyed the peace and quiet, and I enjoyed the local ales.

June 2009

20 November 2008

Holiday with the Kids in USA 2008

Here a few photos of our trip to the see the kids and to VOTE!!

USA Holiday 2008

8 November 2008

Reunion 2008

This past weekend, the Mangum and Hendrix families again met in the mountains of Tennessee for our 9th reunion. Here are the photos that Bette and me took. If any of you will send me yours, I'll put them on here too

Reunion 2008

1 August 2008

Summertime at Home

Sue and I are enjoying the warm weather out in the garden. The hanging baskets are at their best, the garden itself is in need of a good trimming but I'm having a lazy day.

Summertime 2008

22 June 2008

Susie, Sierra, and Edward visit us

Sue and I have really enjoyed having Susie and the grandchildren visit us. Going to miss them when they go home.

Susie 2008

7 January 2008

New Year's Eve Party

Sue and I took a few pictures at the Golden Ball Inn's New Year's Eve Party. Hope you enjoy them.

New Year 2008

21 December 2007

An Ironbridge Christmas Celebration

Once again, a group of friends at the Golden Ball Inn have gone to the Abbey Club in Buildwas for an evening of Christmas celebrations. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Abbey Club

31 November 2007

Holidays 2007

Here are a few photos of family and friends taken from our trip to the USA earlier this month. Also a couple of earlier pics from Billy.

Holidays 2007

17 November 2007

Reunion 2007

Sue and me traveled to Tennessee for the eighth annual Mangum family reunion. Had a great time seeing family and friends again. More new faces this year, and a few absent ones as well - Buddy and Jonnie are both on the mend from recent illnesses and were sorely missed. See you all next year!


7 May 2007

May Day Weekend

Sue and I decided to take advantage of the warm weather, so we spent the three-day May Day week-end in Wales. Had a really nice week-end just enjoying the food, drink, and beautiful views. Not much beats sitting on river bank with a good beer, and nothing to do but sit and enjoy.


9 February 2007

Winter Wonderland

Well, winter has finally arrived in Shropshire. Until now we've had a very mild winter - global warming, you know.. Wednesday the temperature dropped down to freezing, yesterday we got four inches of snow in Ironbridge/Madeley, and today we got another six inches. I've taken some photos here on Bridle Road. Am hoping to get down to the Ironbridge Gorge tomorrow for some pictures of the bridge and the town, providing I can get the car to the top of Bridle Road, snow will be cleared up there on the main road.

It's snowing

1 January 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Best wishes. I hope that all of your New Year wishes come true and that 2007 will be your best yet. Once again the Golden Ball hosted a New Year's Eve party, this year in fancy dress. Most of the usual suspects attended, although I've heard that one of Snow White's dwarfs was missing. Any truth to that rumour?? Let me know..

New Year's Eve

26 December 2006

New Mexico

Billy, May, & Marissa visited New Mexico back in October during the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival. He sent me a disk of photos, but I had forgotten to put some on them on the web till now. Here they are.

New Mexico

16 December 2006

Christmas Party

Members of the Golden Ball community celebrated our annual dinner at the Abbey Club last night. Wounderful time!!

For those of you that may think that there may be some missing pictures, well... sorry, the film was all foggy.. and I'm sticking to that story.

Party Time

20 November 2006

Our visit to the USA

We spent three weeks in the states in October, most of it with the kids and grandkids. Can't get over how much Sierra and Ed have grown during the past year. Here's a few pictures.

Holiday 2006

07 November 2006

Reunion 2006

Once again the Mangum family gathered in Sevierville, Tennessee to pick banjos and discuss the big issues of the day (who's bought the biggest gun this year, who's going to win the NASCAR championship, how much younger has Mike got than his brothers). I've posted photos, so have a look. And would you believe eight folks missed the group photo this year because they got up before daybreak Sunday morning and drove five hours to Atlanta to watch a dangburn stock car race.

Reunion 2006

09 August 2006

Here comes the Bride

Geraldine and Geoff got married today and the Golden Ball lost one of their regulars. Geraldine has been a familiar face in the Golden Ball community since moving to Ironbridge in 1998. She is a founding member of the NIPL club and Captain of the award winning rafts they have entered in the annual Ironbridge rafting regatta. She and husband Geoff have bought a lovely house in Church Stretton where they will reside after returning from their honeymoon in Jamaica.

Geraldine's Wedding

24 June 2006

Ironbridge to Bridgenorth Raft Regatta 2006

I've posted pictures that several of us took during construction of this years raft and of Race Day. Enjoy!!

Raft Race - Page1

Raft Race - Page2

Raft Race - Page3

Raft Race - Page4

13 May 2006 (Updated 5 July 2006)

We've bought a new House in Shropshire

Well, we've finally decided on where we plan to settle and it's Here!! We've just about completed purchase of a house in Madeley, Shropshire and are due to complete the sale on 14 July. Billy is coming over for a week to help us get moved (and to top up his supply of real ale). I'll send everyone an e-mail with new addresses and phone numbers when we have it all sorted out. Here are a few photo's we took in May when we first looked at the house. Will post more after we get settled in.

Bridle Road

07 May 2006

Weekend in Barmouth

Howard, Marion, Sue and I have just spent a three day weekend in Barmouth, Wales. The weather was warm and dry for the first time this year. We pretty much had most of the beach all to ourselves. Had a wonderful time!!.


17 April 2006

Billy in Costa Rica

Here's some photos that Billy took during his recent travels.

Costa Rica

1 April 2006

Lads weekend in Puerto Banus, Spain

Back in early March, which this year was the coldest month of the winter, several of us in the Golden Ball decided we needed sunshine instead of snow. So off we went for a weekend to Spain to celebrate Brian's birthday. Puerto Banus in on the Mediterranean coast down towards Gibralter and is where the folks with too much money park their yachts and play. So for a three day weekend, we mingled with the jet-set and forgot all about the snow.

Puerto Banus

1 January 2006

New Year's Eve at the Golden Ball

Photos of the festivities at the GB. Happy 2006!!

New Year

Mid December 2005

Our Stateside Holiday 2005

Here's a few photos taken during our trip to the USA last month.

Holiday 2005

18 Nov 2005

Mangum Family Reunion 2005

Well folks, I finally got the pictures of this year's reunion posted. Once again we enjoyed seeing you all and now hope that you enjoy the photographs.

Reunion 2005

20 Sept 2005

Roddy & Robbie Mangum comes to visit us.

My cousin Roddy and his wife Robbie came and stayed with us for two weeks. Sue and I enjoyed their visit and hope that they did as well. I force-marched them all over the country on one of my patented Sergeant Major's tour of the UK. All the exercise did me good (I lost five pounds). Roddy and Robbie have gone home to Georgia to rest, and I'm back to the wars (work, that is) tomorrow. I could sure get used to all this time off. Here is a small sample of all the pictures that we took.

Roddy and Robbie

More Roddy and Robbie

8 June 2005

Ironbridge Raft Race

A small group of folks at the Golden Ball Inn are entering a raft in this years event. The raft is currently under construction and photos are located below.

Raft Photos

20 April 2005

Trip to Whitby and the North Yorkshire Moors

Sue and I just spent five days up on the Yorkshire Moors.. The weather was mostly cold, wet, and very foggy, but we stayed in a wonderful old Hotel in Whitby (in a bedroom that was nearly as big as our house). Rode the steam railway across the moors, and ate some really nice fish (fresh off the boat each morning). For those that don't know... Whitby is home to Capt Cook who discovered Hawaii for the English and Bram Stoker who wrote Dracula (who first came ashore from Europe at Whitby Harbour).

Whitby & the Yorkshire Moors

27 March 2005

Day out in Shropshire - Stokesay Castle

Well the title says it all.. It's Easter week-end and the weather is getting warm enough to venture out. Sue and I went to Stokesay Castle and then drove down to Ludlow for a nice meal.


Oh, No... It's the Big Six Oh

10 Janurary 2005

It seems like just yesterday when I first said "Hello World", so it comes as a bit of a shock to be celebrating my 60th birthday. We had a wonderful party at the Golden Ball Inn (Or at least I've been told that we did - senility has begun to set in). As mentioned below, Billy and May really surprised me. Sue is now officially married to 'an old git.'

Birthday Pics

Billy and May visit England

Janurary 2005

There I was standing in my usual place of worship at the bar in the Golden Ball Inn with the after-work gathering of regulars when someone taps me on the shoulder. Looking around, there stands Billy. Seems he and May, in conspiracy with Sue, had come over to help me celebrate my big six-oh birthday. They had spent a couple of days in London and then came up to Much Wenlock. After spending several days with us, they took an overnight trip through northern Wales followed by a trip over to Ipswich with Sue before May flew back home. Billy plans to stay another week or so with us.

Billy & May in England

Billy & May in Wales

12 Nov 2004

Mangum Reunion 2004

Hey cousins (and brothers), I've started putting this years photos on line. Go take a look at the Mangum Family Reunion page (top left side of this page). I'll add more when I get back home to England.

Margaret Robinson

13 February 1920 - 14 October 2004

Sue's Mum suffered a heart attack and died on the 14th of October. She had been making an excellent recovery from the stroke she had in October last year. She had really enjoyed seeing her great grand children in July of this year and was looking forward to their next visit. She will be missed by all of us who knew and loved her.


15 August 2004

Summertime Showers & Flowers

Well, we've had a typical English summer, a little bit of sunshine and a lot of rain. As a result, the flowers have been beautiful.

Summer Flowers

18 July 2004

Grandchildren's Visit

Susie, Sierra, and Edward spent ten days with us. First time we've seen them in over 18 months, so needless to say, Sue & I spoiled the grandchildren rotten. Here are a few of the hundreds of photos I took while they were here.

Susie & Grandkids

A Walk in Much Wenlock

24 May 2004

Spring started off pretty wet over here with lots of rain in April. As a result, the flower gardens are beautiful. The rain has finally stopped and this past weekend was absolutely gorgeous. Sue and I walked around town Sunday afternoon and I took pictures of interesting houses and buildings..

Betty, I've also included some pics of the flowers in the garden at home although I can take no credit at all for growing them. Bill, share the page with Bet!

May Flowers

12 March 2004

Georgia comes to England!

Richard, Wanda, Darrell and Laura spent a week here with us. We spent a couple of days in London and the rest up here in the West Midlands. Another of my patented whirlwind guided tours. I tired myself out this time, but we were able to see lots of places and even had time for a pint at my favorite pub. I hope they all had as much fun as me.

Georgia Visits England

15 February 2004

Just received some more pictures from Chad. These are from a recent trip that he, Christian, and Melinda took to Disney World.

Chad, Melinda, and Christian at Disney World

14 February 2004

Here's some photos taken while Billy was in England in January. Some were taken in Suffolk and the remainder in Shropshire.

Next time you talk to Billy, ask him about "An American Werewolf in Jackfield"

Billy in England 2004

More Billy in England 2004

31 December 2003

Mike on a Bike. Chad sent me some pictures that were taken Christmas Day. A couple of great pictures of Chad, Christian, and the girls, and a couple of classics of Christian's Grand-dad.

Chad's Christmas

18 December 2003

I've received the photos from the 2003 Reunion and now have them posted. You can see them by clicking on the "Mangum Family Reunions" sidebar. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

1 December 2003

Hey fans of the Billman!! I've just added a couple of pages of pictures taken during a trip Ken Dostie and Billy took to India in August of this year. I'll be posting more pages during the next couple of days, so check back again.

India 2003, page 1

India 2003, page 2

27 November 2003

Brian visits Washington

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all you folks back home in the US of A.. Hope you're all well stuffed with turkey and feeling happy and content. Sue and I had a nice day in Ipswich with her Mum who has just returned home from hospital.

Several folks at the Golden Ball Inn in Ironbridge have asked me to post the photo's taken during Brian's recent visit to Washington D.C. He stayed with my son Billy who gave him an entirely different tour of DC than the one I had planned prior to us canceling our trip back to see Susie, Billy, and the grandkids.

Brian's Holiday

18 November 2003

As most of you are aware, Sue and I did not make it to the reunion this year. The day before we were due to fly to the States, Sue's mom had a stroke. She is still in hospital, but continues to improve. Sue is with her in Ipswich and I'm commuting back and forth between Ironbridge and Ipswich on the weekends. Looks as if we will move soon into a bigger place near Telford (where I work) that will fit us all.

Paula plans to send me all the reunion photos and I'll post them here for all to see. Meanwhile, I've got one picture that Paul mailed to me and here it is:


27 September 2003

An absolutely gorgeous autumn day in the Ironbridge Gorge... And the Iron Bridge played host to a gathering of something uniquely English... Morris Dancers... There must have been at least 15-20 troops here today, 300 or more folks in all, with painted faces, bells, and clogs.. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did..

Morris Dancers

25 September 2003

I recently received the following entry in my guestbook:

"Nice website, John! The only thing missing is a picture of MY mum. I see my dad in it!"

Well, Tamsyn... Here's your mum (and other members of your family).

Please note the the good-looking man standing second from the left in the first photo!!

Tamsyn's Mum

31 July 2003

This has been the warmest summer in past five years.. Enjoying days outdoors and friends in the pubs..


15 June 2003

Tracy passed away this morning.. He will be remembered and missed by us all.


Paula sent me a picture taken during Reunion 2001 that includes Tracy.

Remembering Tracy

12 June 2003

Sue and I have just returned from a short holiday in Cornwall. Here are a few of the pictures we took.


2 June 2003

Well, I've finally posted the pictures taken at the Mangum Family Reunion in November 2002..

John Mangum

25 May 2003

Here's pictures of a couple of recent week-ends spent enjoying those rare days of English sunshine.

May 2003

28 April 2003

Sally Belle passed away peacefully in the early hours of Sunday morning.


John Mangum

1 Feb 2003

Wow, it's already 2003, where has time gone.. and I still don't have the reunion pictures taken in November posted yet. I'll get it done soon, trust me! I've been playing with a new photo album service that Apple provides on one of their sites. I've posted some pictures taken at the Golden Ball's New Years Eve Party. Here they are:

New Year's Eve

1 Dec 2002

The SAGA Louts have been on the road again. We took a coach trip to Bruges, Begium this past weekend. Had a fabulous time, and here's the proof!!

Bruges 2002

John Mangum

20 Nov 2002

What a year this one has been.. Shortly after my May update, my hard disk crashed. And took with it nearly five hundred photos that I had taken during early Summer, including a wonderful trip Sue and I took to York in Yorkshire. One would think that I make backups of my photos, but no, they are gone forever.

We visited the States in early November and I've added a new page of the Kids & Grandkids. I'm trying to get the new Reunion pages ready, I'll post them soon.

Kids 2002

John Mangum

10 May 2002

Well folks, Spring has arrived in England and Sue and I have been out and about, both here in Shropshire and over in Suffolk. You'll see from the photo's that I've spent more time visiting pubs (well, someone has to do it). The weather has been great for the past six weeks or so which is unusual for this time of year (or any other time of year for that matter). Also photos of the SAGA Louts.

Spring 2002

10 Mar 2002

The following page contain snapshots that I've taken during the last couple of months, mostly winter scenes. Hope that you enjoy them.

Sue and Me

I've also added pictures of the Grand-children.


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