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Back in 2000, several of us older Mangum's got to talking about getting together to tell tall tales, and swap lies about which one of us Mangum boys is the best looking (I knew that I'd win that title hands down), which one of us tells the biggest lies (Mike may be the winner here), and which one of us has the biggest gun (Bill, I think your 444 Marlin elephant gun is a winner). Sally and Jonnie invited us to come visit the Smokey Mountains near their home; so for the past three years, we have all met up in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Here's a few of the pictures:

Reunion 2000 Page1

Reunion 2000 Page2

Reunion 2001Page1

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Reunion 2002Page1

Reunion 2002Page2

Reunion 2002Page3

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Reunion 2004Page1

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