The Golden Ball Inn


The Golden Ball is my "local." Need I say more!

Although it is not the closest to our cottage, and I have to walk up the hill to get there, it's the place I frequent the most. When Sue and I were first thinking of coming back to England, I came over here for interviews. When asked which hotel I preferred to stay in, I said "book me into a local bed and breakfast" Ended up in the Golden Ball and haven't strayed far from there ever since.

Matt Rowland, the new owner, is a renowned chef, and his food is excellent. He spends most of his time in the kitchen turning out culinary delights for the growing number of guests that come back more and more often. Dean Majors welcomes folks to the restaurant and keeps the bar running smoothly while Linda Sutcliffe helps Matt in the kitchen.

In addition to five real ales and Guiness on draught, Matt also serves a selection of Belgium beers including two on tap. I've temporarily given up my pint of Guiness for a cloudy Belgium Wheat.

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